Why NFTPix is [different]?

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NFTPix is [Doxed]

Hello, I am Joachim Belmin. I am Marketer in a financial institution & Marketing teacher in Business School. I am passionate about Pixel Art, Mosaics & Web 3. Born in ’87, my inspiration mostly come from pop culture, retrogaming, manga & Sci-fi. NFTPix is a cornerstone in all my passions, and allow me to enjoy an entrepreneur adventure.

The [Phigital] concept


A [Sustainable] approach of Web3

NFT Pix Sustainable

A [Local] flavor

All revenues will be declared as ‘Artist Auteur’ to URSSAF. We also allocate a significant part of our revenues to reach Carbon neutrality.

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Things you should [consider] before start

We recommend to commit less than 1% of your asset. Use this more as a diversification asset, for fun, nostalgy, discuss it in town, and eventually performance.


NFT PIX – SIRET 529928905 00049 – French Company – « Artiste – Auteur » registered as Mosaicist NFT at « La Maison des Artistes »